OldTownMilitia (English speaking clan)


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OTM has been very successful on a few game platforms.

-We were a very well-known guild in the WPVP scene in WoW
Beramus KO server, and a few private servers.
- We do well in PK Oldes Runescape.

We are coming to YOUR server.

-We have people from different parts of the world, but mainly speak English. Any language is accepted, we just speak english when we pk.
-We are dedicated to the clan as a whole. So items are distributed based on participation and advancement / advancement of the clan.
-Will be exping as a team 24/7
-Will be pking after we get to the max level, aside from some server opening fun = P

Come join us for some fun, and skilled gaming. = P

Contact Aaristy in the official server for an invite, or pm me here. Will update with assistants names once the official drops.

We will be going, Karus.

about myself ..
I have played knight online for around 12 years on and off. I have a lot of experience in clans/leading/pking/ and just generally being a social and helpful person in game, especially for our clan members. I have always went by "Akono" but have recently changed to "Aaristy" as that name has more meaning to me. Good luck all, and remember to pm me or in game about a clan invite, so we can get a good start guys.
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